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Lux Ex Umbra Tarot ✷ 2nd Edition


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The Lux Ex Umbra Tarot deck draws its inspiration from the magic of the world. Ideal for divination, but also for personal development, it allows you to connect to the cosmos and pays homage to the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Inspired by chiaroscuro, the creator of the illustrations expresses a singular artistic vision by interweaving symbolism and astrology. Shadow and light, inseparable in the deck, will reveal the Arcana’s messages to you ...

The deck consists of 78 cards presented in a luxurious hot-stamped magnetic black box and accompanied by a paper Guidebook in a bilingual English-French version. The cards, with a soft and velvety texture, feature matte black edges. Spot gloss highlights the back of the cards, which are adorned with the zodiac constellations. They are printed on heavyweight 350gsm fine art paper, FSC certified for a more responsible and forest-friendly use.

Original astrological correspondences enrich the 78 Arcana, 10 planets and 12 zodiac signs. Among the planets, five are said to be personal: the Sun and the Moon which embody the luminaries, as well as Mercury, Venus and Mars. Jupiter and Saturn are the two social planets. And finally the three transpersonal planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The name and numbering of the 22 Major Arcana respect the tradition of Marseille. The Roman numerals are added, never subtracted, in order to compose the numbers in a notion of progressivity and not regression. Justice carries the number 8 (VIII) and Strength the number 11 (XI), these two cards being reversed in the Rider-Waite Smith structure.

The 56 Minor Arcana are inspired by the minimalist style of the Tarot de Marseille. The four suits of Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups are intuitive thanks to their vibrant colors and the various associated symbols. They draw their energies from numerology and the four elements they embody. Certain iconographic references from Rider-Waite Smith are present in the deck, in particular the Pentacles which replace the coins (Deniers).

The Guidebook has had a makeover for the second edition. We have merged the paper Mini-Guidebook and the digital Guidebook from the first edition. The second edition paper Guidebook is enriched and now contains the full meanings and messages of the 78 Arcana. Fully complete, it is the result of a long process of research and reflection. It will suit both beginners and confirmed Tarot readers thanks to the explanations and keywords of the 78 Arcana, the tables of astrological correspondences and the prints specially created for the Lux Ex Umbra Tarot, including “The Black Shaman Spread” and “The Lunar Spread” (Shadow Work). It is available in a bilingual English-French version.

Join the journey and help us to launch the reprint! We offer the same quality of the first edition in order to guarantee an optimal rendering. We offer for all pre-orders a collector’s pack. In this pack, the collector's edition deck and its bonus items are included :)

The Art Print is printed on French thick Art Paper: 300gsm Rives Vergé. This paper is distinguished by the subtle and refined finish of a felt grain.

We take great care in preparing your pre-orders. Each deck will be shipped in black packaging with silk paper, wax seal and ribbon. A holographic mystiic sticker will be inserted into each package!

🌱 Whenever possible, all packaging and materials are ecologically sourced and are recycled and/or recyclable.

🖤 Thank you for your support!